Monday, November 7, 2011

My Attention Span is Less than a Middle Schooler’s…

…Or I’m too old to fully get into tween novels. This is a problem that’s been plaguing me for a while now: whenever I read a middle grade novel on the subway I get so distracted by stops and people getting off the subway and a girl’s pretty shoes that all of a sudden I’m three pages into Chapter 5 and can’t remember what happened during Chapter 4! For some reason I just can’t concentrate fully on the text of tween novels when other things are going on. Has my attention span failed me? Am I too old to relate to the text? Are middle grade novels written poorly? To the last point—of course not! I love tween books: Savvy, When You Reach Me, The Benedict Society are all some of my all time favorite books. Not to mention classics like Anne of Green Gables and Little House on the Prairie. And yet, I don’t have a similar problem reading teen books on the subway. I get so lost in the world and characters that, at times, I’ve almost missed my stop! So what is it about middle grade novels? I don’t have an answer—does anyone have the same problem as I do? A theory? Or, best yet, a solution? I need to reclaim my reading time!

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  1. My personal theory is that my tastes have "matured" enough that I require more depth and detail than is sometimes offered in middle-grade books. Like you, I have my favorite MG books (Gregor the Overlander comes to mind), but as with any age group, MG has its own expectations and limitations.

    Or it could just be that I no longer relate to what I read in MG enough to KEEP me reading. And if that's the case, then at this rate, I'm not due to phase myself out of YA until... about the time any hypothetical children of mine are YA-age.