Although I have lots of WIPs (Works-in-Progress), my main focus is on a high-fantasy series in the vein of Tamora Pierce. I started writing drafts of these stories when I was 14 years old but seriously began editing and rewrites in the Fall of 2009 when The Rose of Coracus was my Creative Writing senior project.

Set in the kingdom of Harren, the stories (which have reoccurring characters but aren’t prequels/sequels per say) are full of royalty and romance but also explore deeper issues like finding one’s place in a complicated world full of unequal gender relationships, racism, and war. Although I have ideas and early drafts for several, there are three that I have worked on since keeping this blog:

The Rose of Coracus---> querying
Shayna, the energetic dancer and talented seamstress from the hated Hilla ethnic group, falls in love with Crown Prince Johnathan as the Hilla—and some of Shayna’s best friends—plan to revolt against the King.

The Lady and the Unicorn’s Lover---> writing first draft, four chapters in (shelved)
Cosette, daughter of an impoverished baron, and her maid, Aslynne, both try to find true love that mimics the fairytales they’ve read.

Dueling Princesses---> writing first draft, six chapters in
Set after The Rose of Coracus (*spoilers*), Prince Johnathan’s sister, Elise, and his new wife, Catalina, quickly discover that there isn’t room for both of them in the palace. But Elise has plans that might change the course of royal history.