Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Book Maps

In between ‘finishing’ The Rose of Coracus and beginning my next manuscript, I took a break to reconsider the world in which my novels are set: the kingdom of Harren.  I had done this before, right when I started writing these novels (at age 14).  I have maps, family trees, complicated documents outlining the form of government, type of religion, the history of noble families. Having visual aids is key.  Planning is important.  Being organized is important. I’m good at all those things.  So, just because I have always found it intriguing to see how authors work and plan while they’re writing (have you ever seen J.K. Rowling’s impossible-to-read-script listing Hogwarts students and outlining the plot?), I figured I’d share two of the maps I’ve made with you.  

Are these maps interesting? Insightful? Strange?  I'm not quite sure (and I'm sorry they're so small)...but they're definitely helpful when I'm working on my stories!

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