Friday, April 22, 2011

Pointless Reasons Why I Love My Job

If you’ve ever read this blog it’s a very clear fact that I love what I’m doing.

There are the big reasons why I love my job: fun books, challenging writing, smart people from whom I can learn a lot.

And there is THE BIG reason: Aiding in the publication of books that will get and keep kids reading.

But then there are the trivial little things that don’t really matter but still contribute to my overall satisfaction at the end of the day.

-       Clothes. I have to dress up at work. And when I say “dress up” for me that really means “wear a dress.” Having presentable, fitted, cute dresses for work gives me the perfect excuse to hit up the spring dress sales that were going on last week. I was so happy with my elegant purchases that I came home beaming. I can’t wait to wear them to work!

-       School supplies. Not only are ‘school’ aka office supplies useful in my job, they’re also a requirement. On a daily basis I use neon-colored post-it notes and flags as well as colored pencils. And I just bought some amazing gel pens. It’s like being in school without, ya know, classes or exams or essays.

-       Baked goods. Somehow on a regular basis cupcakes and cookies appear in the floor’s kitchenette. Sometimes they’re homemade (yes, I’ll admit, often by me or the other assistant on my team) and sometimes they’re from Crumbs, but all the time they’re delicious. No one can resist a little sugar rush in the afternoon!

-       Shared interests. Obviously everyone who works in children’s publishing is interested in children’s books, but the shared interests among the staff are amazing. Nearly everyone seems to be crafty in some way (baking, sewing, knitting) and/or interested in the arts. Very rarely can you find a group of people that when one girl says she went to the ballet several others have gone or are interested in her opinion of the performance. It’s much more fun to work with like-minded people.

There you have it: my job as an editorial assistant is really a perfect fit for me! 


  1. They're also very lucky to have you!!

  2. Thanks, Janet! I loved my time at FP-NC too!

  3. I love ordering supplies at work, too. It does feel like I'm back-to-school shopping. I'd agree about the dresses, but when I think about winter in a dress I'm not such a fan. Tights can't keep me warm enough. :)

  4. @Tracey: I got through the entire winter this year without a single pair of dress pants...just dresses! Never again. :-)