Monday, September 5, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Today my blog celebrates its first birthday! And I’m so proud of how it and I have grown:

A year ago this blog was read by just my family and friends.
Now I have a whole 27 followers. Not that impressive but it’s still gotten bigger (and if you’d like to become a follower, now it’s a good time. Celebrate with me!)
A year ago I was lucky if someone looked at my blog everyday.
         Now I have page views in the 600s every month.
A year ago I was an unemployed book lover with a part time unpaid internship.
Now I’ve completed Book Lover Goal #1 and have my dream job—an editorial assistant position at one of the best children’s publishing houses.
A year ago I was writing the fourth big revision of my WIP The Rose of Coracus.
Now I’ve finished up the fifth draft and have queried. I was unsuccessful (but only queried two agents). And although I’m still unagented, I’m taking big steps to achieve Book Lover Goal #2, to be a published author.

Not bad in one year, right? I hope you’ll continue to read my blog as it grows even more in the coming years (and please give me your feedback about what you’d like to see here).

And now, to celebrate, check out these fantastic children’s book themed cakes: yum, wow, pretty!

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