Friday, September 24, 2010

Get Your Library Card, Folks!

This is going to be a short post (my internship is keeping me so busy…more on that later) but I wanted to add a little reminder to my blog.

September is Library Card Sign Up Month! Woo hoo! So exciting!

But really, everyone should have a library card.  Where else can you read all the books you’d ever want (plus watch movies, listen to CDs and audiobooks, etc.) for FREE?  And then there’s the awesome programming for kids and adults, free classes and even free museum passes or access to special programs/databases online.  Go to your library.  Check out (haha-get it?) all the possibilities.

Just earlier this week I went to the Morningside Heights branch of the New York Public Library and got my very own card for my sometimes home. Granted, because I don’t actually live in NYC yet they’d only give me a temporary three-month card…but hopefully by the end of December I’ll no longer be quite so unemployed and have a place of my own in the city.  But until then, I’ll take the temporary card.  All I had to do is fill out a simple form, sign the back of the card they gave me, and then I had free reign over the small second floor room….AND the rest of the NYPL system.  Just about anything I’d ever want to read is now at my fingertips…for FREE! (This is exciting stuff!)

So I’m urging everyone (I’m talking to you recent college grads who just moved to a new city to start a job/go to grad school) to check out his/her local library and get a library card.  Hurry up! Get one before it’s too ‘late’. The month is almost over! But hey, I’ll cut you some slack…it’s okay if you get a new card in October or November or even next March. But the sooner the better, because who knows what you’ll discover with that library card!

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