Monday, September 6, 2010

Welcome to my blog

It has been three months since I graduated from college.  Three l-o-n-g months at home in a small Connecticut town with little to do.   Most of my friends went to grad school; they don’t have to worry about finding a job in this bad-but-improving economy.  But I do.   And it’s frustrating!  So, what better way to spend my unemployed free time by telling you what books I LOVE and why, why it’s worth the wait to find a job involving books, and all the things I’m going to do because of my love for books.  Stay tuned.

A little about me:

I graduated from Hamilton College in Clinton, NY with a degree in Creative Writing.  I was a good student, but I was also a ‘bad’ English major: I can’t spell (and love my new spell-check everywhere MacBook Pro), my comma usage is shaky, and I despise literary criticism.  I had trouble with most of my creative writing workshop classes until senior year because of those little details.  This past year, however, I was able to pursue a senior project and because it was of my own choosing and my classmates had to accept that, I feel as if I came into my own and really grew.  More on that later.  All in all, Hamilton was a great school that served me well during my four years.  Case in point (pay attention because this is a key step to where I am now): sophomore year I decided I wanted to pursue a summer internship in book publishing.  I wound up at Bloomsbury Children’s Books, my direct supervisor was a wonderful Hamilton alum, and my living expenses paid for by a generous scholarship given by Hamilton alums and the Hamilton Career Center.  Hamilton took care of me very well.

But I’ve graduated.  Hamilton is a part of my life, but because I’m an alumna, it’s mostly the past.  Where am I now?  That’s right…an unemployed book lover.  For the record, I’m not quite unemployed.  I’m working hard, just lacking a paying job.  For the summer I volunteered in the children’s section of my small town library and I’m about to begin an unpaid internship at a literary agency in Manhattan.  And I’ve been pounding the pavement.  Hard.  I can count at least twenty meetings with everyone (mostly Hamilton alums) from editorial assistant to publicity directors to HR managers from small publishing houses to the Big 5.  And I’ve had two interviews, but no job. Hopefully the internship (which I’m thrilled about) will help me achieve…

 Book Lover Goal
 #1: Editorial assistant position at a children’s publishing house.

My other two book lover goals are scarier to write about. They are the type of dreams you don’t talk about, unless you’re sure you’ll be successful because otherwise your naysayers will know of your ‘failure’.   But I’ll tell you what they are anyways:

More Book Lover Goals:

#2: Author of Middle Grade and YA Novels

#3: Owner of a bookstore (and bakery!)

Talking about my dreams, and getting feedback from friends and family, allows me to get advice on how to actually make those dreams come true.  Part of being a book lover means that you have a vivid imagination and you do dream.  That also might be why book lovers are constantly ‘unemployed’; they’re always searching for the next big thing, the next book or job or hobby that they can be passionate about.  I may be unemployed in the traditional and untraditional sense right now, and that part of being a book lover (as opposed to being a in-demand IT or medical professional) isn’t hot, but the tools I’ve learned from the books I’ve loved: hope, perseverance, hard work, and most importantly, to never stop dreaming, that’s the very best part. 

Okay, I’m done being cheesy.

Welcome to my blog (and remember, book lovers always keep reading for a bit before forming an stick around for my next couple posts, too.)

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  1. Oh hey, Laurel has a blog. Look at that. More stuff to read when I don't want to do my grad school work. Excellent!