Friday, December 3, 2010

Bookstore Day

The fun fact for this Friday is…tomorrow is Take Your Child To A Bookstore Day. 

How great of a day is that?  Bookstores are the best place ever (especially if they have a café that makes warm chocolate chip cookies).  Each and every time I walk into one, I want to smell the books, pick up a new one (or a trusty favorite), and sit in a corner and never leave.  Alas, that is not always possible…but visiting for an hour or so and basking in the wonder that is a bookstore absolutely is.  And sharing that special place with a kid- even better!  For more information about the day, click here.

And just because kids aren’t the only ones who should have fun tomorrow, check out this awesome list from Lonely Planet:

The 10 Greatest Bookstores in the World

1. City Lights Books (San Francisco, CA)
2. Librería El Ateneo Grand Splendid (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
3. Livraria Lello (Porto, Portugal)
4. Shakespeare & Company (Paris, France)
5. Daunt Books (London, England)
6. Another Country (Berlin, Germany)
7. The Bookworm (Beijing, China)
8. Selexyz Dominicanen (Maastricht, Netherlands)
9. Bookabar (Rome, Italy)
10. Atlantis Books (Santorini, Greece)

Unfortunately, I haven’t been to any of these…yet.  I can’t believe there isn’t one in New York (The Strand? Books of Wonder? Come on, Lonely Planet!), but even more so, I can’t believe that I lived in London for five months and never made it to their bookstore!  I guess this list really is just an excuse to go and travel…for bookstore comparison purposes, of course!

I hope you make it to a bookstore tomorrow- and bring your kids, siblings, friend of a friend’s cousin, or whoever else you want to share the wonder of a bookstore with!


  1. I went to 2 of these this summer. I visited Daunt Books while in London. It was amazing. Very quaint and cozy. Unfortunately the back of the store was under refurbishment but it was still really neat. Shakespeare and Company was the other store that I visited while in Paris. It was awesome! There were books in every nook and cranny possible and it was the coolest bookstore I've ever seen. Glad I found this list before I left for Europe and I hope to go to the rest of them!

  2. Glad you were able to visit some of these stores! I look foward to when my travels take me there!