Monday, July 18, 2011

Bookish Fun

As everyone in the English-speaking world (and probably the non-English-speaking world as well) knows this past weekend celebrated and mourned the release of Harry Potter 7.2. Some have called it the end of childhood—since my generation was the same age as Harry, Ron, Hermione and the gang when the books were first published. I’ve admitted this before: I don’t watch the movies. So while everyone else was a tiny bit sad at ‘the end’, I was happily just enjoying all the HP conversations happening around the office, with my friends, and (more or less) on the street.

On Tuesday I participated in Harry Potter trivia, hosted by the Early Career Committee at the Children’s Book Council. They went so above and beyond in capturing the feel of Hogwarts—elaborate invitations, flying keys dangling from the ceiling, Moaning Myrtle gurgling in the bathroom, a partial Hogwarts Express. I went as Professor Minerva McGonagall and it was so much fun (even if my team came in dead last. I guess I need to reread the books again!).

Fantastic invitation delivered by 'owl'.

Me and Prof. Trelawney aka Katie, a fellow KT Books assistant.

Amazing Hogwarts crest.

Yummy treats.

Me with a Ravenclaw student, aka Elizabeth a former FP-NC intern.

Flying keys as decorations.

Fantastic bulletin board.

Costumes and the Hogwarts Express!

Want to know more about the awesome event? We were written up in PW!

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  1. Cute post, Laurel! You did a FANTASTIC job on your McGonagall costume.

    Can I have that picture of us? :-)