Friday, July 1, 2011

Best Places to Write

For this upcoming long weekend I’m heading up to my aunt’s house which is on an island on a lake. You can only reach it by boat. The house is really old. It’s surrounded by old forest and blueberry bushes and the sunlight seems to dance been the shadows. Shared between the other ‘camps’ on the island there’s a historic boat house, a Wishing Bridge, an outdoor chapel, and a dock where the Mail Boat visits once a day. It is, very simply, one of my favorite places on Earth. It’s quiet and comfortable but also exciting.

I’m gushing all about this place not to brag, but because it’s always been one of my favorite places to read a good book. Do I lie in the hammock, dangle my feet in the water on the dock, or catch some last rays on Sunset Deck? I’ve realized now that I have a tiny Mac that can travel more easily than my clunky old Dell laptop that this is also the perfect place to write. I’m not sure if I will take my computer with me on the zippy fifteen minute boat ride from marina to island this trip (I really plan on doing nothing!), but it’s made me ponder what a good place to write is…

Before I moved to NYC I loved the window seat in the sunroom at home in CT and there’s nothing like a sturdy desk that you can always return to. Sometimes I write in bed…but that more often than not turns into nap time. I’ve never tried writing in a coffee shop, but there’s a café in my neighborhood that ‘all the serious writers go to.’ All in all, I’m on the lookout for a good place here in New York for me to write—somewhere in my apartment or somewhere in the wider world. What are your favorite writing places? How did you discover them?

Happy long weekend! I hope it’s full of fun and relaxation. 

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  1. I like my kitchen. It has doors that open onto the garden, is light and airy and near the coffee machine. Boring, but true!