Monday, July 25, 2011

A Literary Dinner

I love throwing elaborate (cheesy/cutesy/dorky) parties. In college I hosted great gatherings. From my Disney-themed Jeopardy costume party to a Clue party complete with a live mystery to solve, I have almost more fun planning than partying. It’s so fun to think up all the possibilities! And then let’s not even get started with how much I like to bake! Lately, between trying to cut down on the number of sweets I eat, my boyfriend’s interest in cooking, and the random Bon Appetit magazines lying around my apartment, I’ve gotten more into ‘fine dining’ as well. There’s nothing like savoring a delicious bite of something you’ve spent hours in a sweaty kitchen concocting. So, in summary, themed party + opportunity to get creative in the kitchen = lots of happy hours planning! Since moving to NYC my tiny apartment with four roommates has prevented me from showing off my creative party planner side. But these links (here, here and here) can let a girl dream! As soon as I have my own place, a literary dinner party is in order!

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